Hi girl!!

So you found our website, you stalked the portfolios, and now you want to know a little more before you book? Don’t worry, I get it!

I’m Laticia Kristine, Owner of No Filter Aesthetics. Obsessed with coconut La Croix, cheese, dark chocolate, and a well made Mojito. Most days you can find me at the clinic treating clients both in clinic and virtually.

I am passionate about helping women finally heal their skin conditions from the inside out, leading to a life of confidence, and an ability to #livelifeunfiltered.

I’m a little goofy, and quite possibly the funniest person I know. But like, no Trey Kennedy. (Puns and dry humor are my thing!) Ok, I’m not that funny, I just laugh, and then can’t stop until I’m running to the bathroom. Because, you guessed it, I’m also a mom to two tiny humans, Carter and Elijah, who I both love and cherish, and kind of can’t stand to be around. HIII, don’t look at me sideways like you can’t relate, Karen!

My journey

After a lifelong battle with Acne, and over 10 years in the industry, your girl finally has clear skin, and so can you! #Hallelujah! After years of trying different products and treatments only to be let down by my acne either not healing in the slightest, or coming back after treatment, I had all but given up trying to heal my own skin and figured the only thing that would ever work for me would be Acutane, which up to this point, I had refused to consider due to all of the side effects. But I was becoming desperate to have clear skin after nearly 15 years of battling Acne. Last October I made a massive shift in my business and decided to specialize in Acne and Age Management, and No Filter Aesthetics was born. After years of research I found a line that delivers incomparable results for both Acne and Aging clients.

Since partnering with DMK International in October of 2019 my skin has cleared DRASTICALLY. For the first time since I was 12, I have clear skin, and now I’m on a mission to help as many women as possible feel the insane difference that clear skin can have in their own lives. Through the combination of treatments and home prescriptives skincare we now have a powerful and proven system in the clinic that has helped not only myself, but hundreds of our clients both in person and virtually, get clear, glowing skin! If you’ve been affected by acne, or are concerned about aging, I am HERE for YOU!

As a Licensed Esthetician and Makeup Artist I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities and added some pretty amazing things to my resume! I was published in Harpers Bazaar UK magazine, I worked as a key artist on the Charleston Fashion Week 2015’s Hair and Makeup Team, and my work was also published and featured on The Knot and multiple issues of Coastal Carolina’s Wedding Magazine. I have also won Wedding Wire’s prestigious “Best Of” Award.

When i’m not working,

you can catch me…

Sipping Mojitos or Mimosas, and soaking up the sun (slathered in SPF, obvi). I go to the movies almost once a week. And love to read business and personal development books, and smutty teen novels. There’s nothing quite like escaping into another reality through art. I look up to strong First Females, like Pink, and Shonda Rhimes.

I’ve never been outside of the US but I have a heart full of wanderlust and can’t wait to begin planning my first trip, and plan on spending at least a month in Bali as soon as I can!

Meet the team


Heather graduated from Oliver Finley Academy Of Cosmetology in July of 2019 after going back to school to pursue her dream of helping women feel confident in their own skin. After years of struggling with her own skin issues, she wanted to finally heal her own skin, and help others overcome the challenging issues she had faced. She is ecstatic to be becoming an Age Management Specialist. She specializes in helping women prevent the signs of aging getting worse, and rewind the clock a little. She is a Licensed Esthetician in the State of Idaho. At No Filter Aesthetics she is the Clinic Coordinator and Senior, Skin Revision Therapist. She looks forward to helping every client she sees better understand their own skin conditions!

Heather loves iced coffee, her dachshund, two girls, and husband! You’ll often find her in the stands of a baseball field, she’s a diehard fan of the pros! She loves watching almost as much as playing, and watching her girls grow up playing, the sport. She has also recently started a wellness journey, to be a better example for herself, her community of clients, and her daughters. We are SO proud of her! And encouraging her every step of the way!

You can follow along on Instagram at @hellohealthy_itsme. You can also find her on Instagram talking all things Age Management at @nofilter.heather


Rachel graduated from the Prestigious Salon Professional Academy with her Esthetics License in 2019. She became an esthetician because she has struggled with her own skin conditions, including severe acne, and wanted to find a solution for not only herself, but also other people!

Rachel is a Licensed Esthetician in the State of Idaho and is so excited to be working at No Filter Aesthetics as a Skin Revision Therapist Specializing in Acne! Her passion for helping people’s confidence grow through skincare treatments has fueled her to continue her education to become the best esthetician she can. She can’t wait to help you get glowing skin at your next appointment! Rachel loves to spend her days off hiking the foothills with her man, and their two gorgeous dogs. You’ll often find her with a bottle of water.

She loves to lift and is obsessed with gut health, EFAs, and the correlation they have with Skin. She’s working on becoming our first resident in house, Nutrition Expert.

You can find her talking all things skin, nutrition, and acne on Instagram at @nofilter.rachel

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